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22. Filipino. Taken. Pharmacy Technician. Shoe store employee. Stockton, CA.

I am loving the new Naked 3 palette! These colors are def more wearable than the other palettes! Thanks @s0ledier 😘 #UrbanDecay #Naked

Received an early birthday present today! Thanks @s0ledier 😘 #TeamRoshe #DB #Doernbecher #Nike

Came up on these for way less than retail!

I also had my name added to let people know they’re my shoes! Lol

My #NikeID came in today!

Surgery wound progress. It doesn’t look that scary anymore! 💉🔪

All the ladies from Saturday night. Thanks to all the ladies that came & made @deeda_rawrrr’s bachelorette party successful! @waveybabychary @russbabie @alysassy @lilmammass @sophanyk. See all you pretty ladies at the wedding! (at Hilton Stockton)

I’m really hoping that this would look better by @deeda_rawrrr’s wedding, which is next week!

Been craving for shrimp sinigang. Not bad for my first time! 🍤